Ahad, 10 Mei 2015

Our Story Today

Selamat malam & slm 1 Malaysia,

Biar gambar berbicara !! Okey fiance ajak dating buat yg ke ??? kali :) But sorry, no cinema today seperti yg dijanjikan di atas sebab2 yg tertentu.

Not sure lunch or dinner :) Lunch maybe, sebab makan dah petang. Desert for me 'Burgerbyte Cheese'. Thanks for this..

My fiance desert 'Oglio Olio'

Selfie before 'ngapppp' :)

Fiance !!

Selfie again before decide go to Dataran Tasik Kluang

For my driver, please drive safely. Love u more than that..

Where is 'Buluh Betong' ???

Hang Tuah version 2015 !! No need 'keris' and 'tanjak' :) Style first... hehe

I can't believe I can life without you...

He not perfect but he so important for me !! 

Enough for today !! Let go back :)


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