Khamis, 6 Mac 2014

Just Remind

Selamat malam & salam 1 Malaysia,

Hyep dunia maya..?? First entry for this month.. Nothing to say just nak berjimba2 jer kat sini. For your information, kalau nak taulah.. kalau tak nak it's so ok! I have 15 minutes at here.. Ha nampak.. apa yang cuba aku tekankan kat situ, yes my time is limit !!! ^^

What on my mind..??? 

Urmmm.. just thinking about 3 year ago..??? What happend with 3 year ago..?? Nothing, just i remind how i meet him. DULU... he just my good friend like my brother too ^^ At the same time, nobody know how i love him so much.

Seriusly, he is so annoying!! I really heat but love so much <3 And until now, i still love and never let him go. He too.. Cinta kerana kebaikkan!! Euwwwwww.. kau jiwang sekarang nie cik Nana, adakah paras kesedaran telah melebihi had?????? Whatever.. double N forever ..

Ting tong sekejep! Good nite my follower, and one more thing. For u... please stop stalker my facebook and anything about me! You looking so stupid dear when you add me use other people, justt wanna to know "IM NOT LOVE YOUR TEDDY BEAR AGAIN" Euwwwww..

For your information, green word is it true. Aku dah jumpa yang terbaik, and jauh lagi terbaik!! Mohon kau terasa sampai pedih ke ulu hati yg palinggggggggg dalam. K bye.. 

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